The Modernizing City

Even before the end of the 19th century, lighting of main streets and houses, financed from the city budget, was equipped. In the 20th century, lighting was equipped by private enterprises: Ch. Frenkelis’s tannery, tannery of brothers Nurokai, ‘Birutė’ sweets factory, etc. Growing industry and trade promoted not only more active postal services but also the spread of new means of telecommunication. In 1865, a telegraph station, which in 1890 employed 20 people, operated in the city. In 1913, Šiauliai post and telegraph office had 11 telephone sets. Internal relations in the city were maintained by telephone; the permissions to lay the line in 1890 were obtained by purchaser O. Kaganas, count N. Zubovas, merchant L. Gocas. In 1911, Šiauliai telephone station started operating.

Zubovų dvaro rūmai

Zubovų dvaro rūmai.

Pašto telegrafo telefono pastatas

Pašto telegrafo telefono pastatas.

Grafas Vladimiras Nikolajevičius Zubovas

Grafas Vladimiras Nikolajevičius Zubovas.



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