History of Šiauliai

Before you – virtual HISTORY OF ŠIAULIAI CITY from prehistoric times to present.
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Siauliai city history is divided into 13 chronological chapters according to historical periods and important phenomena, events caught up in theme 41. Visual attractiveness is created by over 200 photos from Šiauliai „Aušros“ Museum Collections, Šiauliai Tourism Information Center and Šiauliai City Municipality Archives, projects, Šiauliai photographers. Virtual History was created with the license of „Time Travel – Timeline WordPress“.


There are three ways to use the site:

  1. Keyboard – to move to these times, you need to press the down arrow key.
  2. Mouse wheel – turning it toward you, you will go closer to the history of today.
  3. Use the keys on the bottom right of the screen.

To realise the project, Šiauliai tourism information center was helped by Šiauliai „Aušros“ museum specialists and was advised by the historians of Šiauliai University. Culture project was financed by Šiauliai City Municipality.

Travel through centuries of Šiauliai city history!

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