Šiauliai before History

The history of every city begins when first, people move to the location or environment in which settlements appear, which later turn into towns and eventually, into cities. These people must be not nomads travelling past but people who for one reason or another decide to stay in that place which they see as their current and future home. Šiauliai, like the rest of Lithuania, were not so lucky: when in southern European territories people were creating future plans to live in concord, the glaciers of the last glacial period had not yet retreated from Lithuania. When they retreated, it still took a considerable period of time before the first settlers arrived to create first communities and settlements, which required even more efforts to catch up with the states who had better and more favourable geographical conditions.

Įvijinis žiedas (I tūkst. vid. – XIV a.)

Įvijinis žiedas (I tūkst. vid. – XIV a.)

Žvangutis (XVIII-XIVa.)

Apeiginė buožė (X a. pr. Kr.-I a. pab. Kr.)



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