Šiauliai Land at the Dawn of Christianity in Samogitia

Šiauliai land succeeded to survive and in 1445, to gain the parish status, which could already indicate that Šiauliai was becoming the centre of the rural district and started rising from the ruins to a new stage. All of it took place with the approval and under the auspices of Samogitian authorities. Upon receiving the parish status, on the initiative of Samogitian elder Mykolas Kęsgaila, in 1445, Šiauliai church was built. The new establishing Šiauliai settlement, which formerly was in the shadow of Salduvė or Šiauliai castle on Salduvė mound, was eventually able to outlive and join it. Šiauliai church became the central accent of the city, surrounded by the rapidly developing city’s cemetery, because all the dead wanted to be buried in the consecrated ground.

Šiaulių bažnyčia

Šiaulių bažnyčia.



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