In Short about Šiauliai Character

Šiauliai land started the 13th century as an important, one of the most significant members of the Union of Samogitians, the opinion of which was always considered. It became independent of other territories of Samogitians, but the possibility to make independent decisions later cost dearly. In the 14th-15th centuries, it almost disappeared from history: historical sources rarely mentioned this territory. In the 15th century, alongside with changes in the Great Duchy of Lithuania and slight changes in its territorial boundaries, Šiauliai land turned into a rural district. Although Šiauliai land was declining, it can be stated that people who lived here were known for their strong personality, had their principles, and were not afraid to oppose both the ruler of the country and the external forces attacking the land.

Pentinis kirvis (X–XVI a.)

Pentinis kirvis (X–XVI a.)

Įtveriamasis ietigalis

Įtveriamasis ietigalis.



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